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WBedien Update

By downloading the latest version, you can update your WBedien installation to version 1.60. more...

Surveillance of Discharge Facilities

To fulfil the demands of the new SüwVO Abw, it is necessary to surveil all discharge facilities. For this purpose, we offer you both suitable measuring devices and all-round carefree packages.

File Inspector Update

By downloading the latest version, you can update your FileInspector installation to version 1.6 rel. 0.34. more...

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MDS 5 - C

MDS 5 - C

…the compact data logger especially constructed for the water and sewage sector.

The compact MDS 5 - C data logger facilitates measuring, saving and processing analogous and digital signals in the field of environmental measurement engineering.

The integrated lithium battery allows operation autonomy and portability – wherever you need it, without any external power supply!

For means of long-distance data transmission, a GSM / GPRS modem (e.g. the MDS 5 - C - Modem) can be connected directly. This makes  a secure and economic data transfer to the online platform WASDatenportal possible.

Furthermore, the programmes WBedien (software for operating the system and reading out data) and FileInspector (analysis software) are at your disposal.

MDS 5 - C

Sewage sector

  • Measurement of water levels in sewer tunnels and sewage plants
  • Surveillance of rainwater basins and discharge units
  • Monitoring of pumping stations
  • Surveillance of sewage plants

Hydrometry und Meteorology

  • Monitoring of surface waters (water level, flow etc.)
  • Surveillance of groundwater
  • Registration of precipitation
  • Meteorological stations