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WBedien Update

By downloading the latest version, you can update your WBedien installation to version 1.60. more...

Surveillance of Discharge Facilities

To fulfil the demands of the new SüwVO Abw, it is necessary to surveil all discharge facilities. For this purpose, we offer you both suitable measuring devices and all-round carefree packages.

File Inspector Update

By downloading the latest version, you can update your FileInspector installation to version 1.6 rel. 0.34. more...

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RG 100

RG 100

The sturdy precipitation data collector.

The RG 100 rain data collector offers a maximum of security and compactness, due to its special casing (aluminum casting).

The integrated heating device prevents freezing when temperatures are low; a bird-protection-ring secures the measuring device against damage caused by birds, and the skimmer basket prevents pollution.

On the basis of a tipper principle (resolution: 0.1 mm) the RG 100 delivers a precise data basis, while single impulses are directly documented.

The device allows longer periods of data collection: the maximum capacity lies at  48.000 mm.

Combination with a modem makes a simple long-distance data transmission possible.

The software programmes WBedien and FileInspector help to operate the device and read out data comfortably; measuring results can be viewed numerally or grafically.

RG 100

Measurement of Precipitation

  • Detection of extraneous water