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WBedien Update

By downloading the latest version, you can update your WBedien installation to version 1.60. more...

Surveillance of Discharge Facilities

To fulfil the demands of the new SüwVO Abw, it is necessary to surveil all discharge facilities. For this purpose, we offer you both suitable measuring devices and all-round carefree packages.

File Inspector Update

By downloading the latest version, you can update your FileInspector installation to version 1.6 rel. 0.34. more...

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The web-based platform to save, administer and visualize your measured data.

We fit the data portal and user interface to our clients individual wishes and needs and to the individual characteristics of each measurement location on the basis of aerial images, maps and pictures of the site.

Your data is password-protected and accessible from any workplace with internet; no extra software needed!

Measured values will be made available considering clients´ demands. The freely configurable time series can be topically visualized (as hydrographs or lists) or downloaded (format: ASCII) for further use with other programmes (i.e. Microsoft Excel).

Naturally, a warning function (alarm via short message or fax in the case of limit value exceedance or deviation) can be activated.

The online platform is optimally configured for the data exchange with the MDS 5 - C - Modem and the Modem-Ex for explosion-risk areas.

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